Each counsellor and staff member is carefully selected and trained to make each camper's week at All Tribes the best ever. 

The small group, "one big family" size of All Tribes makes it possible for us to individually choose every counsellor that works at camp. We require full criminal record checks for every staff member. Even more importantly, our staff are people whose character we know personally or whose character has been verified by others we know and trust. In selecting our staff, we choose only trustworthy, caring, interesting, and fun individuals who have personally trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and who have wholeheartedly committed their lives to Him.

Each camper is known, valued, and welcomed as part of our camp family from the moment they arrive. Whether this is your first time or have come for years, you will quickly feel right at home. Every cabin is staffed by two counsellors, and strict guidelines are in place to ensure camp is always a safe place for every camper–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Apply to Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our staff team in the future, we would love to talk with you. You can begin the process by completing our staff application form here

The Rock 2014,   Staff Team

The Rock 2014, Staff Team