Millie Jacobs Troyer's early vision of a camp for kids was first realized in 1963 and continues to impact children and families today.

Millie Jacobs Troyer, Camp Founder

The Camp was founded in 1963 by Millie (Jacobs) Troyer. Millie had a dream to provide an outdoor experience to those that may not have had an opportunity otherwise. She settled on the property and began the process to fulfill that vision. 

Since then, thanks to many volunteer hours, donations and lots of prayer, the camp has grown into what it is today. A rustic feel was maintained with canvas covered tepees, log cabins, tents and a covered wagon. The early campers would sleep in these facilities and eat in the 'cook shack', and if nature called, they went to the 'wee-wee tepees'. The windmill was rigged to pump water into a barrel that was to be heated by the sun for showers, but as many would attest, the water did not get that warm and it often made for a 'cool' morning awakening.

Millie married Richard (Dick) Troyer in 1978, and together they continued to build and manage the camp. The main lodge was built by generous volunteer labour and donations of funds in the 1980s. During the 90's, the log cabins were built, followed by the permanent teepees, and soon after, the wash house was started to provide better showering, washroom, and laundry facilities.

On July 27, 1998, All Tribes Christian Camp (Algoma) Inc. received Canada Revenue Agency approval as a Registered Charity, allowing the camp to continue and expand its mission and programs as an independent, non-denominational local ministry. Because of the camp's long-time partnership with Millie Jacobs Troyer's alma mater, Indiana Wesleyan University, the camp is also able to accept US donations designated for All Tribes and sent to IWU.

Shaun and Teri Spence, Camp Directors 2002-2007

In 2001, Millie Troyer retired from directing the camp, and continues today (at 90+ years!) to serve as a board member and great visionary, often visiting her private cabin at camp through the summer and for Christmas.

Upon Millie's retirement to her home in Indiana, Shaun Spence, along with his wife Marlene (Gill) assumed the directorship of the Camp. Despite Marlene's passing, Shaun led and expanded the camp ministry. In 2005, Shaun married Teri (Kelly), and together with their kids and relationships in the community, this couple did much to grow the reach of All Tribes.

Upon Shaun and Teri's move back to Pennsylvania, Jonathan and Marney (Nadjiwon) Stewart became the directors in September, 2007. They served the camp faithfully for 10 years as the ministry continued to grow and make an impact in our community. In September of 2017 they stepped down to provide room for the camp to continue to grow under the leadership of a full time director.

Our new director, Chrissy Flietstra, has now stepped into the role and is seeking the Lord's guidance as we continue to honour our history and embrace the future. You can learn more about Chrissy by clicking here

Except for a few paid summer students and our new director, the camp continues to be run almost entirely by volunteers. In 2010, a management team was formed that took responsibility for all Facilities, Food Services, Programming, and Administrative activities.